March 27, 2018

The Changing Approaches to Pilates

I have been teaching Pilates for almost 15 years. Over the years my approach to teaching has evolved, deepened, even changed.  Discovering The Franklin Method gave me new eyes on just about everything. Returning to my modern dance roots inspired a focus on quality of movement that became key to my pedagogical practices. Increasingly, I was more interested in questioning and exploring than telling or diagnosing. Joking with students in class, I would often say  that if Joseph Pilates were alive today, he would evolve too, to match the needs of modern day life and to reflect current thinking in the world of movement and fitness.

This blog post from Pilates with Dan  is an interesting read, and addresses this idea. Dan writes, “It’s about changing the old outdated thoughts about posture, movement and pain. It’s about breaking the mold and removing biases. It’s about moving.”


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