July 10, 2016

A window into Emily’s yoga class

If you have not taken Emily’s class yet, here are few ways you can get to know her and get get an idea of what to expect when you come her yoga class. She has a creative and grounded,approach to teaching. She is encouraging, relatable, truly is there for her students.
Afraid of yoga? Don’t know where to start?
I think after reading her answers to my questions and watching her in these videos, you may be ready to give it a try!

What do you want your students to get out of your class?

Ideally students leave class calmer and more clear headed when they came in and, hopefully, get a better understanding of how the body and mind work in concert. Either one can trigger a relaxation response in the other. For me, the movement we do should be a moving meditation. And just like a sitting meditation it can sometimes be comfortable and sometimes quite challenging. The key is how we learn to react in those moments. Each of us has the tools, we just need to learn how to use them and practice regularly.

How do you help a person who is new to yoga feel comfortable in a group of seasoned practitioners?

Making someone new to yoga feel comfortable in a room where others are more experienced is key. I try to impress upon everyone it isn’t my yoga practice, it’s theirs. Ultimately they are in the driver’s seat. I think a good yoga class is one where it looks to at times like people aren’t all doing the same thing. Some might be pushing it, some might be resting, some might decline to do a pose in favor of something else. Listening to your body’s needs is good yoga. I welcome that. And I’m less than perfect and don’t try and hide it. I sometimes get my sequence off or mix up my left and right. And I’ve got a sense of humor about it and move on. I hope it gives students the okay to be happy with whatever they bring to their mat on any particular day.

What are you strengths an an instructor?

I try really hard to get to know my students. I’m not the best at names, but I make a real effort to remember them. It’s important stuff. As far as the yoga goes, I want it to be challenging, accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for everyone in the room.

What would you like to improve on?

First, it starts with me regularly getting on my own mat. I try and take different teachers and understand that there isn’t just one way to do things. I’ve been doing some rope wall yoga and have introduced a bit of that using the bar at Local Motion. And I’d like to become better at teaching gentler yoga forms but still have people leave feeling like they discovered some sort of rhythm in their breathe and bodies.

Have any questions for Emily ? Leave in the comment section or email info@localmotionstudio.com

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