May 23, 2017

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Shopkeeper Secrets: Local Motion Studio

Megan is always thinking “local,” even when she’s on her way to class. Notice she’s wearing her favorite jacket from The Hive.

Let’s be honest. Getting up early to work out every morning can be challenging, especially if you are not excited about where you are going or what you are doing. For local shopkeeper Megan Podolsky, things have changed since she started going to class at Local Motion Studio. As the owner of 529 Kids Consign and a busy mom of three boys, time alone is scarce, but she loves every minute she can get at the Studio.

For owners Sara Lavan and Sarah Craig, the mission of Local Motion Studio is to bring the joy of movement to everyone, no matter your age, experience, or stage in life. The Studio offers a variety of classes ranging from Aerial Yoga—yes, aerial!—to Ballet, from Cardio Strength to Pilates, and even Belly Dancing. You’ll find a morning full of classes with child care available, and a couple of evening classes almost every day. Not sure where to begin? New students can enjoy a month of drop in classes for just $50. And the Studio is so sure you’ll fall in love with their classes, mention this post in an email to Sarah, and you’ll get your first class free!

Still not convinced? See what Megan had to say about her experience with Local Motion Studio and why she thinks this is one of Alexandria’s best kept secrets.

Part of the Barre class is strength training and light weight work.

What was your exercise journey that brought you to Local Motion?
I became a mom 8 years ago and started Stroller Strides, a workout class with baby! It was amazing for 8 years and two kids and I came out stronger than I was before! Enter baby number three.. this time I needed some mommy workout time to myself!

What made you decide this was the community for you?
I wholeheartedly love and believe in their philosophy and dedication to the art of movement. I feel so strong and at the same time I don’t feel like I’m destroying my body.

What classes do you take?
Don’t you mean ..What classes don’t I take?
I take cardio/strength, barre, Pilates & ballet! Each class offers me something different for my body, while keeping myself moving all week long!

How are you able to fit a workout in with a one-year-old?
My one year old comes with me and just adores the childcare room! Having two big brothers means a lot of big kid play, at LMS he gets to play with kids his own size, while mommy gets a little time to herself. It’s a win,win!

Megan’s son, Ashton, is a regular in the child care play room. But he saves his biggest smiles for when mommy picks him up after class.

What do you get from Local Motion that you haven’t experienced at other gyms or studios?
Again, I will emphasize the art of movement. I feel like I understand my body so much more and what it needs as I age(did I say age). Never once have I heard an instructor mention weight loss in a class and that to me is refreshing. Yes, of course we all want to shed some extra pounds, but that’s not what drives me in these classes. I’m focused on how my body moves and challenging myself in each class to lengthen and get stronger.

I hear you just took a Ballet class for the first time in years. What was it like to jump back in?
It felt amazing! I’m proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone as a mom!  I’m officially dedicated to this once a week departure from my crazy life! I even purchased ballet shoes! Hubby says it’s an excuse to buy new shoes but I beg to differ!

Megan working her legs and core at the barre.

Some may think a dance class is not a serious workout, what has your experience been?
Let’s just say I hated living in a townhouse after my first ballet class!

When you recommend Local Motion to friends and family, what do you say?
Just try a class with me!  The instructors are so knowledgeable and motivate you in such a different way than with  “weight loss goals.” Each class is so different but equally as challenging and fun!

Anything else you wish to say about the studio and its instructors?
Sara and her team are so devoted to getting their community moving! The studio has such a great vibe and I look forward to walking in there at 8:30 a.m. every morning!

Join me for a class! You won’t be sorry!

Learn more about meaningful dance education with the Local Motion Project, a nonprofit organization also directed by Sara Lavan. .

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