Who We Are

Local Motion Studio offers a large variety of movement classes. Our drop in classes, series and workshops include: aerial yoga, Pilates, yoga, barre, ballet, cardio+strength, modern dance and belly dance. We offer onsite childcare for most of our morning classes. Our mission is to bring the joy of movement to everyone.

  • Alyssa Hjembo

    Growing up in Maryland but having lived all over the place being married to an officer in the U.S. Navy, Alyssa is a busy mom of 4 kids. After experiencing chronic lower back pain as a result of abdominal weakness and great amounts of stress due to deployments and frequent moving, Alyssa turned to exercise to help recover physical and mental strength. It worked! Having played on soccer teams in high school and college, it reminded her how much energy one can receive from a supportive group movement environment.  She is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, with continuing education in perinatal fitness, resistance training, mixed martial arts, Pilates and yoga. She is a committed life-long learner, believing that the more you discover, the more questions you have. She believes in a fun, yet mindful and intelligent, approach to fitness.

    Alyssa currently teaches Cardio+Strength and this is her approach:

    Cardio + Strength – flow style! If you like moving to the music, this one is for you! Elements of yoga, athletic training, calisthenics, high intensity interval training, free weight training and even some modern dance all mixed up, choreographed, and cranked up into a sweaty workout.

  • Christine Heckel

    christineChristine Heckel grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and has been in love with movement and music from her earliest memory. She has devoted 17 years to the art of classical ballet as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, and has danced, choreographed, and taught with Tucson Regional Ballet, Ballet Rincon, Ballet Arts Academy at The Old Waldorf School, and The Studio Cooperative, dancing principal and soloist roles in many classical ballets as well as several contemporary works. Her teachers and mentors include Christopher Hird, Danile Geisy, Randall Marks, Daniel Catanach, Carolyn Haatainen-Wallace, Gary Mackenzie, Devin Krahling, Jayne Stephanie-Keating, and Oscar Hawkins.

    Christine has made the study of the Vaganova (“Russian”) ballet syllabus with its artistry, passion, discipline and simplicity, a key component of her teaching philosophy. It is her goal to provide any student who wishes to learn or return to dance with the skills needed to safely develop or hone their technique in a positive environment.

    In 2009 Christine was introduced to Pilates and found it provided strength and control in her dance technique, as well as a method to both prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Her desire to share this with her students led to continuing her studies of movement, anatomy, and kinesiology through a contemporary, anatomical approach to Pilates. She studied at Balance Pilates Training Center in Richmond, Virginia and obtained her full certification as a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in 2011. This includes training in the essential through advanced levels of Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, and Barrels as well as training in the use of props and exercise modifications through the Injuries and Special Populations (ISP) course. In 2012, she was accepted into the STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer course for Matwork and Reformer in Toronto, and will be continuing her study of Pilates at the next level. She currently teaches at The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.

    Christine continues her study of ballet in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. She has practiced yoga for ten years and believes that the mind/body/spirit connection is at the core of all forms of movement. She enjoys sharing her love of movement and encourages others to join her pursuit of excellence.

  • Emily Straight

    emilyEmily took her first yoga class when she was pregnant with her second child. That night she had her first full night’s sleep in months, and she was hooked. As a soccer player, Emily has experienced the customary aches and injuries that come along with competitive (and weekend warrior) sports, including a torn ACL and both knee and hip surgery. She knows first-hand the healing power of yoga and the necessity to respect the individual needs of each student.

    Emily began teaching in 2006 and received her 200 hour teacher training from Rolf Gates, author of Meditations from the Mat. Drawn to the athleticism of vinyasa yoga, she believes in balancing any vigorous practice with patience and rest. Emily’s enthusiasm and personality allow a lightness in the classroom that invites laughter and self-study. She is excited to teach at Local Motion which shares her goal of providing inclusive and non-competitive classes that are challenging, welcoming and fun.

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  • Jeneen Piccuirio

    janeenJeneen (Zalya) has been teaching and performing Bellydance for 24 years. Her joyful passionate approach inspires students to connect to this ancient dance form through a deep personal understanding of the dance, its history and its benefits.

  • Kat Buechel

    Growing up in Southern California, Kat grew up in an environment that was shaped by a culture that embodied a slower lifestyle that ebbed and flowed with the tides nearby. Moving to Washington, D.C. in 2005, the culture and bustling type-A town soon had Kat wrapped up in meetings, appointments, and shuffling from the East to West Coast. Searching for a way to de-stress, she found herself moving towards her calmer California roots through her practice of yoga. As a mom to two young kids, she is excited to help bring balance to her students at Local Motion Studio.

    Kat’s specialty is working with athletes. Her work with CrossFitters in Northern VA has been published in Mind Body Green and she is a regular contributor on yoga to Box Life Magazine. Through these communities, she has seen how athletes of every type can grow and become stronger both mentally and physically for their lives off the mat. Yoga is not just a way to relax or get fit, Kat sees it as a way to help balance a healthy life. She has helped active military, police force, ROTC, and fire fighters train for everyday service through the use of yoga. Kat holds a yoga certification as an E-RYT200hr/500hr Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and completed teacher training through Tranquil Space.

  • Kristine Duba

    Kristine developed a passion for health and fitness at an early age. Growing up as a competitive gymnast, track and cross-country running athlete, she became familiar with lifting weights and taking her mothers group fitness classes at just ten years old. Since then, she has furthered her passion for health and fitness by earning her B.S. in Exercise Science, M.S. in Sports Management, and becoming a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Over the last eight years, Kristine has specialized in teaching strength training, cardio conditioning, spin, TRX, Zumba, flexibility, and core-focused classes. She also specializes in developing personalized exercise programs and nutrition guidelines for adolescence, athletes, weight loss clients, expectant mothers, seniors, and special populations.

    Post college, Kristine discovered the “Fitness” division of bodybuilding and saw this as an opportunity to fuel her competitive drive as a former gymnast. She began competing in Fitness in 2012, earned her IFBB Professional status in 2014, and has since competed professionally around the world. Just this year, Kristine has competed in the Arnold Classic competitions in Australia, South Africa, China, and Spain. She also qualified for the Fitness Olympia in 2015 and 2016 and is currently ranked eighth in the world in the Fitness division

  • Leeanne Pena
    LeeAnne Pena is a classically trained ballet dancer schooled at the renowned Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet with Marcia Dale Weary. She is a film and stage actress, singer and published model. She loves to use her lifelong appreciation for creativity in all her classes as well as her daily life. She is a certified barre instructor and still dances and performs in the area. She has been teaching ballet, fitness and barre in the DC area for the past 6 years and is excited to find a new home at Local Motion Studio.

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  • Lynn Liebreich
    Lynn began her yoga practice in 2000 while working as an engineer in North Carolina. Her initial yoga experiences revealed how inflexible her body had become from years of running track & cross-country, and rowing on a college crew team.  Lynn has scoliosis in her lower back, which required her to wear a back brace in her tween years.  After years of yoga practice, her back has become more flexible, and balance improved…poses that seemed beyond her reach have become a reality. With this life experience and wisdom from her own journey, Lynn humbly reminds new students to practice patiently, savor the moment, and enjoy the NOW.
    Lynn graduated from the YogaWorks 200-Hour teaching program at Georgetown Yoga in 2007 and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She has taught students of all levels and backgrounds in the Washington DC metro area, Indonesia, Hawaii, and Manila. During her classes, she gently guides her students to flow with their breath through a sequence of poses incorporating vinyasa, ashtanga, and vini styles of yoga with the alignment principles of BKS Iyengar. Lynn is currently enrolled in the 500-Hour Advanced Teacher Training program at Tranquil Space Yoga. Her goals are to teach her students relaxation techniques while helping them strengthen their inner and outer selves.  When she is not teaching yoga, she loves walking her rescue dog, and going to parks with her children and her husband.
  • Nicole Radshaw

    Nicole’s classes are designed to transform and liberate the body, mind, and spirit, classes include a complete warm-up to stretch, sun salutations to energize, asanas to strengthen, and an extended savasana to relax. Nicole’s multidisplinary accessible approach, based in flow whether fast or slow, links breath and movement, enhanced by a playful musical selection, resulting in a refreshed and mindful state.

  • Renee Miller

    After over a decade of chance encounters with yoga asana classes, Renee found herself signed up for an Iyengar Yoga series in 2000. It was in this series with a master teacher that she began to deeply experience the transformative effects of a consistent, diligent yoga practice. Practicing yoga has been a profoundly empowering experience for her and she aims to share a sense of wonder and empowerment with each of her students.She teaches yoga to adults, children, and families. With adults her classes are anatomically focused explorations of movement and action in the body. When teaching children she embraces fun, age appropriate yoga that encourages kids to develop healthy and peaceful minds and bodies. Her sense of humor infuses her approach to life, including her practice and teaching. By approaching the asana practice in a humorous, playful and light-hearted way, she hopes to find the depth of human experience that we all share.

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  • Sara Lavan, Owner

    I have had a long love affair with movement. I have been dancing for most of my life, including working professionally in NYC (with Debora Damast) and here in Alexandria (with Choreographers Collaboration Project). For the last few decades I have also practiced yoga and Pilates and recently I’ve been playing in newer forms of movement and exercise. Pilates started my journey into finding movement that would strengthen the body and prevent injuries, which I have found to be essential for the longevity of my career. I received my Pilates training at the Kane School of Core Integration (now Kinnected Center). This was a spring board for an addiction to life long learning, discovering Franklin Method, Brain Dance, Debra Goodman‘s approach to Pregnancy and Postpartum fitness, and a host of other methods that I integrate into my teaching – both for children and adults. I encourage my students to be their own movement investigators knowing there is no “one way” to do anything. I want to see everyone find movement they enjoy and then be able to do that movement for a very long time!

    I have a thirst for understanding how the body works which spills over into my passion for nutrition and how it affects health and wellness. I share my love of movement and nutrition with my boys Jasper and Dakota who totally get it!

    Local Motion is the culmination of all the things I believe help in living a fulfilling, connected and inspiring life. I hope to share them with the community that surrounds me.

  • Sarah Craig, Owner

    Bio coming soon

  • Silvia Burstein-Hendi

    Silvia Burstein-Hendi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied at the National School of Dance, obtaining her degree as National Teacher, and studied at the prestigious Teatro Colon where she obtained her Diploma as Professional Dancer. Ms. Burstein performed extensively in Canada with Le Ballet Classique de Montreal, Theatre Ballet of Canada, P.M. Ottawa Jazz and Le Groupe Lab (Le Groupe de la Place Royale). Ms. Burstein’s teaching experience includes  Le Groupe de la Place Royale,  Elaine Hunter Dance School, Le Petit Ballet, Dance Educators, Atelier de Dance Carole Brouard, and Ottawa University. She choreographs and performs with Choreographers Collaboration Project.

  • Susan Jahangiri

    Susan began practicing Pilates during law school in 2009 as a way to help her body release from stress and stay healthy and strong after long hours sitting at a desk and hunched over textbooks and her laptop. She continued turning to Pilates to balance the effects of a desk job as she moved into the corporate world. Her passion for mindful fitness and the effects of posture on daily life motivated her to learn more about Pilates, yoga, and group fitness classes and transition to teaching. She is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and a graduate of the Lifetime Fitness Academy Fitness Instructor Course. In 2014, she began teaching Pilates and other group fitness courses and has made physical and mental wellness a central part of her life. Susan is excited to share the joy she finds in mind and body exercises with the students of Local Motion Studio

  • Tess Dorrier

    tessTess Dorrier was drawn to Pilates because of her ballet background and began teaching both Pilates and yoga in 2003 in the DC area. Being a new mom, she thinks classes are a great way to set aside time to focus on yourself. She became certified in Barre Body in 2013 and is excited to share her experience with the Local Motion community.

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