October 30, 2016

Barre at Local Motion Part 2 (videos)

In the next two blog posts we will share some of the teaching that goes on in the studio through video. Our instructors are trained in ballet and use the tenets of that dance form to inform the movements in our barre classes.  By taking these classes, you are getting a great education on ballet technique, as well as an overall dance education. The things we see in dance are often not seen in other movement formats, or at least all at once. We see complex movement involving body sides or halves moving differently and/or independently, (Brain Dance), changing tempos, quality of movement that may be sharp/smooth/bound/free etc, recall, rhythm and the list goes on. Learning dance in any form is great for aging, and wonderful to apply to all other class formats you may enjoy. See below what dancers work on that may feel unfamiliar to a non-dancer, and think how this could apply to other areas of movement in addition to improving your experience at barre.

Tess cues common movements in barre, that are derived from ballet, and how to execute them.
She models the correct positioning and common mistakes for better awareness.
Arm position.


Tendu/degage/battlement side

Breanne shows how to move through the foot in a tendu. (Instead of lifting and placing) This strengthens the foot and prepares the feet for other ballet moves, especially jumps. Strong feet have many other benefits as well.
Moving through foot (correct)

Lifting the leg/foot (incorrect)

Here we see jumps without rolling through the foot.

Look at the quiet jump using foot control and also engaging the core to resist gravity.

You can read part 1 HERE if you have not, to hear from our instructors about some of their experiences teaching barre from motivation, to format, to corrections.

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