• October 30, 2016

    Barre at Local Motion Part 2 (videos)

    In the next two blog posts we will share some of the teaching that goes on in the studio through video. Our instructors are trained in ballet and use the tenets of that dance form to inform the movements in our barre classes.  By taking these classes, you are getting a great education on ballet technique, as well as an overall dance education. The things we see in dance are often not seen in other movement formats… Read More »

  • October 1, 2016

    Barre at Local Motion Part 1: Teacher interviews

    When I  decided to add barre to the mix of classes at Local Motion Studio,  I wanted dance eduction to be a large part of the format– the methodical repetition to understand movement, the meticulous reflection and revision of movement,  and the understanding of quality of movement as it applies to each exercise. I wanted to make sure there was an understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, kinesthetic awareness, and art- at various levels, that is inseparable from dance… Read More »

  • July 10, 2016

    A window into Emily’s yoga class

    If you have not taken Emily’s class yet, here are few ways you can get to know her and get get an idea of what to expect when you come her yoga class. She has a creative and grounded,approach to teaching. She is encouraging, relatable, truly is there for her students.
    Afraid of yoga? Don’t know where to start?
    I think after reading her answers to my questions and watching her in these videos, you may be ready to give it a try… Read More »

  • June 21, 2016

    What to expect in Aerial yoga class with Renee

    1) What is aerial yoga?
    Aerial yoga is a relatively new method of yoga that uses an aerial hammock, or “swing,” as a prop to help the student develop and/or deepen their yoga practice. Aerial yoga combines the fun of playful acrobatic aerial arts with the more grounding and alignment-centered details of yoga.
    2) Do I have to have experience to take the class?
    No experience necessary! I can’t say that enough. You don’t need to be familiar with yoga or any aerial art… Read More »

  • June 1, 2016

    The Art of Teaching

    The Art of teaching
    Art: the expression or application of human skill and imagination.
    Teaching:The act, practice, or profession of a teacher.
    As I get closer to finishing out my third decade of teaching movement, I can’t help but think about the phrase,“the art of teaching”. I have used it many times, and wanted to explore, and share, what this means to me. I teach many modalities, and participate in even more, and there is a profound difference between one who teaches a class and one leads it… Read More »

  • March 14, 2016

    Exercise in Pregnancy and Postpartum PART 1

    My passion for helping women understand what happens in their bodies during pregnancy and postpartum started over a decade ago.  I was taking an “Exercise through Pregnancy” workshop in NYC with Debra Goodman MSPT, and I discovered I had a three-finger diastasis. I learned movement contraindications and the potential worst outcomes if you use your abdominals incorrectly during pregnancy and the first year postpartum. I was so afraid of making it worse that I avoided all abdominal work.  I would teach Pilates and show nothing… Read More »

  • March 7, 2016

    The BrainDance

    “Developed by Anne Green Gilbert, the BrainDance is a series of exercises that we use in all CDC (Creative Dance Center) classes. It is comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. As babies, we did these movements on our tummies, sides, and back on the floor. However, cycling through these patterns at any age, daily or weekly while sitting or standing, has been found to be beneficial in reorganizing our central nervous system… Read More »

  • March 1, 2016

    Why did I open a business?

    Why did I open my own business?
    This is a question that was asked of me many times when I first opened. I had a great answer. As a mover, I was feeling stifled at home not being able get on an exercise routine with small children. I was going to open a studio with quality childcare so others did not have this as a barrier to doing movement that they loved. Additionally, I felt a loss of independence that was indescribable as a mother of two small children… Read More »