Class Descriptions

  • Aerial Yoga

    aerialThis aerial yoga class uses soft fabric hammocks to suspend you while you do traditional and non-traditional yoga poses.

    Benefits include:
    Assists alignment
    Deepens awareness
    Immediate spinal decompression
    No additional equipment is necessary.

    We require shirts that cover the underarms and ask that you refrain from wearing zippers or buttons.

    Want to learn more about aerial yoga?  READ OUR BLOG on what to expect in an aerial yoga class.

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  • Barre

    This class is a total body workout that is taught by dance trained instructors. Exercises are influenced by ballet, Pilates and other forms of dance and movement. Emphasis is on whole body movement, providing a complete workout that is effective and fun!

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  • Ballet

    This ballet class is targeted to the advanced beginner but higher levels are welcome. A basic knowledge of the discipline is required.

    New to ballet? Contact info@localmotionstudio for information on intro workshops and privates/duets and trios.

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  • Cardio+Dance

    This total body workout will have your heart racing and body moving through dance combinations.  This class will combine fun, easy to follow dance moves, with a section of strength training and core work.

  • Cardio+Strength

    Cardio + Strength is an energizing 60 minutes of cardio conditioning and strength training. This head-to-toe workout will have you working in all planes of motion, emphasizing form and technique so you move safely and more efficiently. Expect to sweat and have a great time doing it!  Each teacher brings their own unique style and energy to their class.  Please see Alyssa and Kristine’s bios for their style of class.

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  • Contemporary Pilates

    Our classes have a direct lineage to the classical principals of Pilates, a method created by Joseph Pilates. However, we believe the system should naturally change as mental and physical needs evolve over time. The Pilates method, infused with contemporary ideas, delivers a class where you will experience greater efficiency and quality of movement , while improving strength, flexibility and balance.

    Not appropriate for women 6 months postpartum, 6–12 months postpartum please discuss with instructor.


  • Core+Strength

    Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities. This class will strengthen the abdominals and other key core muscle groups, and will incorporate a variety of resistance exercises for a full body workout that is challenging and effective!

    Open to all levels.

  • Core+Stretch

    With a strong focus on strengthening the core, this class will incorporate a variety of exercises that will stretch and elongate your entire body while keeping the core at the center of every movement. Targeting the abdominals, hips, and back, Core+Stretch builds from within.

  • Modern Dance
    This class will work basic skills of modern dance and choreography.
    In-class technique combinations will increase muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, and recall. This class is appropriate for anyone with a movement background, including yoga and Pilates.
    It is designed to refine skills and introduce new movement patterns to the curious and intrepid mover!
  • Yoga 1/2 (Open level)

    These classes are Vinyasa based, which offer an energetic, flowing style of yoga that synchronizes movement with the breath. Creative sun-salutations will be used to warm the body and alignment cues will be offered to safely refine individual poses, which include standing, balancing, forward bends and twists, as well as options for inversions, backbends and arm balances. The pace is energetic yet comfortable and instructors offer many modifications and options to move deeper into the poses.

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