February 13, 2018

Why We Love to Fly and Get Upside Down: Aerial Yoga at Local Motion Studio

Why We Love to Fly and Get Upside Down: Aerial Yoga at Local Motion Studio

By Local Motion Studio


Aerial yoga is a relatively new method of yoga that uses an aerial hammock, or “swing,” as a prop to help the student develop and/or deepen their yoga practice. Aerial yoga combines the fun of playful acrobatic aerial arts with the more grounding and alignment-centered details of yoga.

Find out from instructors and students to find out what the hype is all about.

Instructors Renee Miller and Sarah Craig.

How long have you been teaching?

Renee: I’ve been teaching yoga for 4 years, aerial yoga for 2.5 years
Sarah: I completed my 20-hour aerial yoga fundamentals training in October 2017.  I’ve been teaching since November 2017.

Why did you want to start teaching aerial?

Renee: The short answer is that it’s fun. The longer answer involves how good it feels to do aerial. I want to share the fun and the good feelings.
Sarah: I was drawn to teaching aerial because I wanted to deepen my practice and share the joy of aerial with everyone. I love to show students that anyone can do aerial yoga.

How do you plan a class?

Renee: The classes have a general flow. Sometimes we’ll work toward an advanced pose or skill. Other times we’ll work explicitly on building strength or flexibility. I try to adapt the class to the needs of the students who are there. I come to class with a few different possible sequences and allow the students and the energy of the room help me decide where to go.
Sarah: Since I’ve been taking aerial classes for over 2 years now, classes have been ingrained in my head.   I pull from that knowledge and I am always researching and learning new poses and flows to keep my class new and exciting.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

Renee: My favorite part of teaching aerial is the students and the community we’ve built together. Aerial attracts a diverse group of students that are supportive of one another and excited to try new things.
Sarah: My favorite part of teaching is when a student discovers something they didn’t think they could do. Additionally, it is wonderful when they master a move or a pose that I have taught them.

Students Carrie Cannon and Margo Wagner

How long have you been doing aerial? /When did you first try aerial?

Carrie: I have been doing Aerial for 11 months.
Margo: I have been doing aerial since October 2015.

What made you want to try it?

Carrie: My friends and I love trying new yoga classes (artoga, beer yoga, kitten yoga, etc) so when we saw aerial yoga, we knew we had to try it. I have been hooked ever since.
Margo: I originally went because my mom overheard Renee talking about an intro class and though it might be a good way for me to exercise despite my joint issues.

What about it made you want to continue?

Carrie: So many things – my back feels so much better due to the inversions; the deep stretching is amazing; gaining strength; love trying to figure out how to do the different poses; Renee is a great teacher and encouraging- she wants you to try and always leave the class happy.
Margo: I keep coming back because it is fun, and I always feel happier and healthier after class. It makes me feel accomplished and graceful when I learn a new pose.

What would be one thing you would want someone to know about aerial yoga?

Carrie: Anyone can do it!
Margo: I went to my first workshop not knowing what to expect and it was life changing! I had so much fun being upside down that I never wanted to leave the silk.


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