Upcoming Series


    4 week series

    Saturdays 9:30-10:30am

    March 9th – March 30th 

    Ages 9 and up.

    Give your kids the gift of flight while building connection, confidence, core-strength and balance. Kids can enjoy the benefits of zero-compression inversions, flips, tricks, stretching and relaxation through this fun class series.

    This 4 week series will delight your children as they swing, fly, focus, breathe and play!

    All participants will have their own hammock.

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    3 week seriesPostpartum series

    Coming soon!

    This 3 week postpartum series has been created to provide new moms with an exercise program that is safe and effective, and aides in postpartum recovery. The information here can be applied to other exercise routines such as yoga, barre, gym workout, etc. to make them safe and more efficient.

    Click HERE for more information and registration.