• I took my first yoga nidra class in the aerial silks yesterday. I suffer from chronic fatigue and struggle to get out of bed. Today I was up at 6 and feeling calm and centered. The studio is a calming place as well.

    — K

    After you announced your closing I tried a whole bunch of area places. One thing I hate is that so many studios emphasize appearance. I want to get stronger; if I look “better” that’s ancillary. Since doing cardio class regularly, I think I’m stronger. All this to say, I love Local’s emphasis on movement. I cringe when I’m at another studio and the instructor talks about doing an exercise to improve the way a certain part of your body looks.

    — B

    Love the Pilates classes – no matter how I feel walking in, I feel fantastic (and two inches taller) walking out!

    — M

  • I’ve begun my “come back” by going to Sara Lavan’s Pilates class at Local Motion Studio. It amazes me how much her class mirrors the PT my physical therapists have given me. What an awesome resource to have.

    — E

    You will not be disappointed. The studio is in a very convenient location, the teachers and instructors are very knowledgeable, and the owner is committed to make your overall experience the best it can be. I have been to many studios, and I have never found a place I can go, work out, learn, laugh, and make friends such as Local Motion!

    — G

    I love Local Motion Studio!  I have avoided gyms and classes for years because I never felt as if I fit in.  Not anymore!  I can’t wait to attend my classes each week and I feel right at home!  There is no judgement and everyone is working on their own level at their own stage in their journey.  I also love that within a week I can experience many different workouts–from cardio and weight lifting to pilates and yoga–it gives me a well-rounded workout.  And I really feel the difference in my body and energy level!  The staff couldn’t be more friendly and supportive.  I recommend this studio to all my friends.

    — C

  • I take a number of classes at Local Motion—cardio strength, barre, Pilates, yoga–and love them all! I especially like how “well rounded” the classes are; they all complement one another and work different parts of the body. Very friendly, welcoming environment. Love that it has a big parking lot so I don’t have to fight for street parking!

    — S

    I just started going here and I am so please with the homey and down to earth environment. The staff is super welcoming and helpful. I am just getting back into working out after having my children and the relaxation that the studio provides is just what I needed! I have only taken two classes (yoga and Pilates) so far but I will for sure come back next week.The best part is they have childcare! And even better the childcare area is clean and happy with tons of toys!

    — M

    The idea that there could be intense/great focus on technique, breathing, connecting mind and body, paired with a welcoming atmosphere…what a breath of fresh air. There is something to be said for coming in to work towards greater fitness, health and artistry and leaving feeling affirmed, empowered and encouraged to push yourself to next levels – relative to YOU:) While I do not have children, I can appreciate the fact that there’s childcare right on site.  There is a great variety of class offerings – and the studio has been designed beautifully – spit spot clean, committed to sustainability, down to the details having so many resources readily available to encourage continuous learning/engagement with dance and our health.

    — N

  • Today’s class made me appreciate SO SO much how you structure your class: you have a lovely (and logical) progression of movement, with each leading into the next. Every movement is thoughtful and contributes to an intelligently holistic feeling of healthfulness and strength. I really appreciate your gift for teaching. I just want to say thank you.

    — S

    I wanted to say thank you for so much for opening Local Motion. You would never have known this, but when I first started going to Local Motion, I took ballet as a kid, and I loved rediscovering it as an adult. I always appreciated how you made it fun and technical at the same time. Congrats on the community you’ve created. You’ve filled a much-needed niche, and you should be proud.

    — T

    I remember thinking, after the first week of taking your class, that ALL of us in yoga need to see you once a week at least. As you share your deep knowledge of the body while we’re on the mat, I take notes about ways to move even more mindfully in yoga, which is especially important now that I’m not 20, and have the weird injuries and asymmetries to show for my experience in the world. There is no one who wouldn’t benefit from your class, Sara. But what I appreciate most (about your class but also about your studio in general) is that you take each student as she is, and encourage each of us to move mindfully and gracefully.

    — S