March 1, 2016

Why did I open a business?

Why did I open my own business?

This is a question that was asked of me many times when I first opened. I had a great answer. As a mover, I was feeling stifled at home not being able get on an exercise routine with small children. I was going to open a studio with quality childcare so others did not have this as a barrier to doing movement that they loved. Additionally, I felt a loss of independence that was indescribable as a mother of two small children, and this would give me something important to do. I needed this in a way that blinded me to many of the obstacles I would face.

That simple answer, and those obstacles, have become a launching point for discovery, not only as a business owner, but as a human, creator, philosopher, leader, student, mother and on and on. It became clear I was looking for a platform in which to share things that I felt were important. For years I wondered how to get my ideas out. Writing? Choreography? Teaching? Building curriculum? Opening a studio allowed me to do all of that. And that gets sticky.

I had thought so deeply about the meaning of movement and how it applies to our body, mind and spirit. I was fascinated by every new article on exercise science, new ideas on how and why we should move. I was developing a researcher’s mind when it came to this and what I wanted my students to leave with. I wanted movement to transcend fitness, and move into the intellectual and creative realm. I wanted to build community around it. I wanted to explore many ways of doing one thing and ask my students to be their own movement investigators. I wanted people to question cues they hear all the time. I wanted people to understand what helps them age well. I wanted people to understand we all can move, and it is ok not to know how to listen to your body. I wanted to do this through excellent teaching, hiring incredible, dedicated instructors, and offering a variety of movement modalities to benefit the body and mind in all ways.

Tall order.

Now I am stepping back and trying to figure out again what Local Motion is and how and if it can stay relevant in an area saturated with yoga studios, trademarked movement, and super workouts.

Only time will tell.

I have always loved a journey. This one is just beginning in so many ways.

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