Upcoming Workshops


    Saturday April 21st 2:00-3:15pm

    Sunday May 6th 6:45-8:00pm

    Sunday May 20th 3:00-4:15pm

    This workshop is designed to give you a secure & detailed understanding of Aerial Yoga fundamentals.Soft fabric hammocks suspend you while you do traditional and non-traditional yoga poses.

    Benefits include:
    Assists alignment
    Deepens awareness
    Immediate spinal decompression
    No additional equipment is necessary. You may bring your yoga mat.

    We require shirts that cover the underarms and ask that you refrain from wearing zippers or buttons and jewelry.

    Must sign up in advance. Only 9 spots per workshop.
    *This intro workshop is required before you can attend a regular drop in class.

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    Sunday April 15th 2:45-4:45

    Sunday May 6th 2:45-4:45pm

    Sunday June 24th 2:45-4:45pm

    The prenatal workshop has been created to provide expectant moms with a safe exercise program that is tailored to their own prenatal needs. The information here can be applied to other exercise routines such as yoga, barre, gym workout, etc. to make them safe and more efficient.

    In this workshop you will learn:

    • About your changing anatomy and how this impacts posture, muscle tone, and health
    • What movements to avoid during pregnancy and alternative exercises that you can incorporate into your exercise routine
    • How to perform safe abdominal strengthening exercises
    • How to strengthen pelvic floor muscles
    • Exercises to help improve and maintain posture
    • Exercises to help alleviate common pregnancy complaints
    • Healthy body mechanics for daily activities
    • Ways to incorporate movement into your labor (as well as the benefits of movement and position changing)

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    Saturday April 21st 3:30-4:30pm

    Only 10 spots available.

    Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Enjoy the experience while being held, weightless in an aerial yoga swing.

    You will be guided into a state of deep relaxation where breathing and thoughts are slowed. It is not sleep as we think of it, but rather a conscious sleep in the threshold state between sleep and wakefulness. Because one hour of yoga nidra equals about four hours of typical sleep, mental clarity improves, energy increases, creativity & intuition will flourish and mood swings & emotional upsets are minimized. No previous experience needed!

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    Sunday May 13th 4:00-5:15pm
    This workshop is great for adult beginners and will focus on the fundamentals of rhythm tap. No experience needed; the class will start from the beginning with simple steps and tap vocabulary. This workshop will keep everyone moving and focused on rhythm, timing, and percussive dance as the source for music instead of an accompaniment. The instructor will also introduce the concepts of call-and-response and improvisation. Tap shoes are required.
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