Upcoming Workshops


    Sunday May 5th 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm

    This workshop is designed to give you a secure & detailed understanding of aerial hammock fundamentals.  In this workshop you will learn basic techniques for getting in and out of beginner poses. Components include basic stretching, sitting, standing, conditioning and inversion poses on the hammock.

    Benefits include but not limited to:

    • spinal decompression
    • builds strength & core stability
    • increased flexibility
    • increased joint rotation and mobility

    We require shirts that cover the underarms and ask that you refrain from wearing zippers or buttons and jewelry.

    Must sign up in advance. Only 9 spots per workshop.
    *This intro workshop is required before you can attend a regular drop in class.

    Click HERE for more information and registration.


    Saturday May 11th 4:00-5:00pm

    This class is for anyone seeking deep release & total relaxation. Restorative aerial yoga is a wonderful introduction to anyone new to aerial yoga, and is also great for experienced aerial yogis alike. Unlike a regular aerial class that places the hammock at hip height, the hammock for restorative aerial is about a foot off of the ground. The low hammock offers greater support and deeper relief of tension in key areas: hips, shoulders, and low back. This class is intentionally designed with a very slow flow, consisting of extremely supported poses held for longer durations.

    No prior aerial experience necessary.

    This is a special drop in class.  Purchase a drop in, or use a class package or your unlimited membership. You’ll find this special class under the “classes” tab.

    Click HERE for more information and registration.


    Sunday May 19th 6:00-7:30pm

    Join Jeneen, on this special journey through the body and mind as she expertly guides you to a place of deep healing where you can connect to and experience the vital wholeness of your being. Release layers of stress and debris with this carefully crafted sound ceremony including Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Healing Bowls and Symphonic Gong as you are fully supported and cradled by our Aerial Hammocks. Snuggle in to your cozy cocoon and let Jeneen take care of the rest!Some of the many benefits of sound healing include:

    • releases repressed trauma
    • reduces physical pain
    • increases vitality
    • improves quality of sleep
    • improves circulation and blood flow
    • balances the chakras
    • improves overall happiness and well being

    No aerial experience necessary.

    Click HERE for more information and registration.